Tips for Managing a Busy Family Schedule

Between carpool, sports practices, doctor’s appointments, school meetings and family dinners, family time is being stretched to the maximum. Often there are more items on a schedule than drivers and less time available to meet commitments. Follow these suggestions from the organizational professionals for taking the stress out of scheduling a busy family.

One of the easiest steps to take is to have each family member download a family calendar App that can be shared with the entire family. One parent will generally have access to the master calendar of all family member’s activities and commitments. For sports practices and birthday parties, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and call an Uber driver to make some of the trips. Driving can take an enormous chunk of time out of an already busy schedule.

There are many ways technology can simplify the tasks of organizing and errand running. Download the App from your local grocery store and keep a running list of grocery items. Encourage family members to add to the list as staples run out or household products are needed. Be sure to double check the list before sending it over for the shopping service! Most grocery stores offer shopping services and drive through pick up. This is a tremendous time savings.

Consider touching base with each family member on Sunday afternoon to review the calendars for the week. Planning for parties, school trips and holiday events is much easier with advanced notice. Have a central spot for permission slips and school papers requiring signatures. Habits can be developed within a few weeks and with that stress levels can be reduced.

Make sure to plan quality family time. This occurs most often around the dinner table. If you’re not a cook and have had a busy day, plan a simple meal. The most important thing is that the entire family actually gathers around the table to share the events of their day. This is where ideas are shared, relationships cemented and memories are made. Good luck to you!


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