Things That You Should Know if You Fall at a Large Store

It’s a sad story that many people suffer from slip and fall incidents in many mega store or large stores. The thing here is that it’s not your fault, yet you have to pay both mentally and physically. You must know the important marking steps to take strict action against this.


According to the law public places like buildings, parking lots, walkways, shopping malls must be ensured with the safety that is a responsibility called premises liability. Premises liability states that if you are seriously hurt by slip and fall condition then you are entitled to legal compensation for your medical treatment bills, pain suffering and even time off work.

Now the question arises what to do if you slip and fall in a store? You must follow the important step as stated below

If you suffer from the slip and fall in a large store you must follow the important points for creating the best possible legal case.

  1. Search for Medical treatment: Your health should be your 1st priority and the same applied for your loved ones. It should be on your top list to ensure the health treatment for the people you love. Its important cause you can get your injuries documented by the authorization of the doctor. This medical record will be going to help you and makes your case stronger.
  2. Accident report: It’s not important where you fell, you must report to the manager or the landlord or the owner. Ask them to write the report and ensure that you must get a copy of that report.
  3. Documenting: Documents it the base of the case and it provides the details and other proof that can build up your case with strong evidence. You must have all the names, addresses, contact number and email addresses of all witnesses. Their testimonials will surely help you to build up a strong case.

It’s also important that you must collect the pictures and your injuries pictures before and after the treatment. Must ensure that the clothes that you were wearing stored in a safe place.

  1. Remarks or decline statement giving: You must remain calm and you should not go too friendly with the property manager or owner. Social media is one of the biggest trauma, it’s advised not to post any pictures or details related to your accident on social media. Do not provide any recorded or any statement to your insurance company you must speak to your attorney, don’t blame and don’t take any.
  2. Contact an attorney: When it comes to legal actions it always recommended to hire an attorney that will represent your case in the best possible manner. Per a recent survey, it was found that the slip and fall cases are a bit complicated and complex to prove, so as a reason you must hire a knowledgeable, experienced and successful attorney that won’t let your recover money, that you deserve, slip away.



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