The Difference Between GA Teen and Adult Drivers

When driving as a teen in Georgia, you face different rules because, well… you guys have proven you can’t be trusted!

But seriously, folks, there are good and bad adult drivers, and good and bad teen drivers, both have had experiences asking, “Is my license suspended in GA?” It’s just that bad teen drivers exhibit certain behavior that is specific (or mostly specific) to teens and These include:

Passenger Distraction

It’s been shown that teen drivers tend to be more distracted when driving with passengers. If you want, you can comfort yourself by thinking that adults are just too boring to have fun on the road. All the same, distracted driving due to passenger misconduct is one of the reasons teens tend to pay more for car insurance.

This is one of the reasons why the TADRA (Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act) bars teen drivers from driving with any passenger who is not an immediate family member for the first six months. For the second six months, only one passenger under 21 years of age will be allowed in the car at a time (excepting immediate family members), and after a year, you’re finally allowed to carry up to three teen passengers.

Phone Distraction

Kids, y’all be talkin’ on your phones all day! Studies show that teens are more likely to be distracted by friends, and they’re more likely to be distracted by phones. When an adult driver sees a teen on their phone in Georgia, they might do the smart thing and give that driver a few extra car-lengths of space. There may be a similar number of teens and adults that think they can handle talking on the phone and driving at the same time just fine. They are both equally wrong in thinking so.

General Inexperience

You can be taught the rules of the road, but the instincts that make the difference between a good driver and a great one take years to develop. Being able to intuitively know which drivers on the road are likely to try and road hog you, identifying an unsafe intersection, getting the hang of how long you have on a yellow light and whether you should go through it or hit the brakes, knowing at a glance who’s out here driving drunk, these are abilities that can’t really be taught, because they involve cues that can’t really be explained. You just know, after ten, fifteen years of driving, how to spot danger that other drivers might miss.

Getting Up to Speed

There is a way to close the gap and prove, on paper, that you’re not a typical teen driver. When you take a defensive driving course Georgia insurers will cut you a pretty decent little discount on your coverage. Having certification proving that you have completed a defensive driving course can go a long way towards earning the trust of the powers that be, from insurers to the courts to your parents. The course only takes a couple of afternoons to finish, it’s affordable to attend, and it can save you hundreds of dollars on insurance over the years.

Are there unsafe adult drivers in Georgia? Um, yes. A lot of them. But here’s the thing, and maybe it’s unfair, but an adult aged driver is considered safe until they’ve proven otherwise. For teens, the opposite is true, and you’re still in the process of earning trust. A defensive driving course and a clean record go a long way towards building that trust.


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