Small Treats You Can Give Yourself Between Errands

Every parent knows that how successfully they will make it through the day and week depends on how organized and planned they are. Of course, planning your errands also shows you how little time you actually have to yourself. But what is there were small luxuries you could treat yourself to in between school drop off and picking up the dry cleaning?
Get Your Hair Blown Out
Is it unnecessary? Yes. Does it make you feel like you can take on the world and nothing can get in your way? Absolutely! A quick 20-30 minute appointment to have your hair washed and blown out can breathe new life into your week.
Although ideal, you don’t need an hour-long massage session in a dark studio to readjust your course. Use the time waiting for one of your children to finish band practice for a short 20-minute shoulder and neck massage.
Laser Hair Removal
If you can spare an hour, local laser hair removal is a great way to give your confidence a boost while you run your errands. It’s a luxury most parents aren’t able to indulge in, so do your best to fit it in.
Buy Something for Yourself
Don’t think that not having the time to visit the mall means you can’t get something nice for yourself. While you are sitting on the sidelines of soccer practice, use your phone to buy yourself something rewarding. It doesn’t have to be grand. Something simple like an order of cupcakes to collect on the way home for dessert is enough to lift your spirits.
Express Manicure
Did you know that you can get a manicure done in 15 minutes? While it may not come with all the bells and whistles, the results are relaxed hands and flawless nails.
Express Pedicure
That’s right! The very people who deliver you a 15 minutes manicure can do the same with your feet. If you find the right salon, you can get both done at the same time!
Don’t let a busy daily and weekly schedule get in the way of self-indulgences. As you are planning out your week, see what you can do about fitting in a few treats for yourself to keep you going.


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