Quick tips to an even better living room

By definition, the living room is a “place in a house for general and informal daily use.” Therefore, the living room should be as comfortable and homey as possible. The basic components include a comfortable seating, a coffee table with a flower pot, a sound system, and a television.

What if your living room feels just terrible, flat or not quite pulled together, and you’re not even sure where to begin. Rather than burning your pocket with costly replacements, focus on improving what you have and creating smart choices about spending on new items. Follow the tips below to get started:


Unclutter. Before adding anything new, the first step is to remove anything that is subtracting to the room’s atmosphere. Take away any furniture that’s dated or really far gone, you can also remove decorative items that have lost their appeal. Remove dust bunnies under the couch and check the window for grimes. Pare back and renew what’s left to make it as decent and usable as possible.

Refurbish. After editing the pieces in the room, it’s time to see what’s left and what to do with them. It will help to invite a design-savvy acquaintance over to assist you at this stage, but try taking photos of the space and looking at them yourself when you’re out somewhere, say at a café, over a cup of coffee, to give you perspective. Here are some quick refurbishing tips:

  • Paint an old vase and add lilies for your room.

  • Have a bench or chair reupholstered.

  • Shorten the legs on a desk to transform it into a coffee table.

  • Change the cabinet knobs.

  • Add casters to a table.

  • Paint a mirror frame.

  • Add some decorative trip to an ottoman, curtains or a lampshade.

Paint. Even if your paint still seems good, you can bet there are already a few spots that need touching up. Carefully fill tiny holes and dings before covering them with leftover paint. If it’s been a while since the last paint application, giving your room a fresh coating could just be what it needs. Today’s trend is avoiding coloured accent walls in favour of richly coloured furniture and whatnot.

Shift. After painting, now try a new furniture arrangement, since you’re moving it anyway, try to think outside the box. Try shifting the focal point of the room from the TV to a window with a view or even the fireplace. If the couch had always been against the wall, pull it closer to the centre of the room, or add a sofa table with lights beside it.

Shop. This is where it gets fun! By this point you should have a good feel for what you want your room to look like, so buy something new, and make sure it counts. Go for something with high impact such as a statement light fixture, patterned coverlet, or bold artwork.

Next, go for small living room essentials like vases, lampshades, rugs, and of course, plant life. No room would look complete without a bit of fauna. Add some beautiful flowers and see it come to life.



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