Planning a Child Friendly Vacation

There are many more options to consider when planning a child friendly family vacation than in past generations. Families are no longer limited to long car trips or destinations where relatives are willing to help keep children entertained. Today children are welcomed everywhere from luxury resorts to national park campsites. The only real limits are your imagination and sense of adventure.

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Resort Getaway

A resort getaway is not always the first option parents think of when they begin planning their next family vacation, but it should be. A family friendly resort that has an assortment of activities for children allows adults to relax and provides time and space for children to explore more independently.

The first thing to consider are the locations the resort offers. Choosing a company that has multiple properties offers some assurance that they are well versed in working with children. It is also important that the facilities have activities designed for their younger guests. clearly lists all the communities in which they have resort facilities as well as the activities specifically crafted for children.  

Camping Adventure

Camping is another fantastic vacation option for families, especially in one of the state or national parks. These spaces provide additional layers of safety with rangers nearby who can offer advice and assistance. Many parks routinely offer programs for children and other visitors that bring an element of edutainment to the vacation.

When planning a camping trip with children it is important to become well versed in best practices to ensure the trip is safe and fun for everyone. For example, be sure to take ample amounts of water and snacks on any hiking expedition, take frequent breaks, and plan extra time for any uphill climbs. It’s also important to let the ranger station know when you will be going out so they can verify you return safely.

Theme Park Fun

Theme parks are perhaps the most obvious choice for families with children. There are a remarkable number of options scattered throughout the United States and they do ensure children will be highly engaged during the trip. However, as with all the other options, there are some strategies that can enhance the experience.

First, let the children have a significant role in deciding what they will do each day. Next, make sure they know it won’t be possible to do everything all at once and that they need to plan breaks so everyone can enjoy the entire day without becoming exhausted. When children know what to expect they are much more likely to accept those activities which weren’t on their preferred list while they wait for the next ride or event that they helped to choose.

Overseas Exploration

Traveling overseas with children may feel like the most challenging of the options presented. While it will take additional preparation and research, the rewards for exposing children to other cultures cannot be measured. Some of the most popular overseas vacation ideas for families in Asia include Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul. In Europe, some of the top locations include Denmark, Paris, London, and Barcelona.

When traveling abroad it is important to ensure all family members have appropriate passports and medical records uploaded to a cloud device as a backup for physical paperwork. Make sure children’s car seats are approved for both the plain and the country in which you will be visiting. Finally, consider an evening flight so everyone can sleep en route.

A child friendly option is available for virtually any type of experience and in any location. Discuss where each member of the family would like to visit and what they would like to experience. Then begin planning the vacation of your dreams.


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