Mum entrepreneurs: get down to business now!

For young mothers wanting to get back to work after pregnancy, it can be hard getting used to the daily grind once again. Managing the house and parenting is hard enough without the added workload of a full-time job.

This is all changing though: there is a new trend of ambitious young mums returning to work and becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, mothers make great entrepreneurs as a lot of the same much needed parenting skills can be applied when starting a new business. A study by Kauffman Foundation proved that women produce higher revenues by 12% and launch on a third less capital.

And what’s more, if leaving your kids at home is still a worry, it shouldn’t be: a Harvard study published this summer found that daughters are more likely to become successful professionals when raised by a working mum. “Adult daughters of employed mothers are more likely to be employed, more likely to hold supervisory responsibility if employed, work more hours, and earn marginally higher wages than women whose mothers stayed home full-time”, the study reveals.

Becoming a successful role model might be key after all. So what are you waiting for to get back into studying and get after that BA business management degree now? Get inspired with 4 influential “mompreneurs” who got it right and made it big. 

Arianna Huffington

Co-founder of the successful and popular Huffington Post and mother of two, Arianna Huffington also regularly speaks out for women’s rights in general. According to her, the capitalistic and ultra-competitive world we live in has been created mostly under the influence of men and women have an incredibly important role to play in trying to change the order of things. Go Arianna!

Jk Rowling

Harry Potter creator and writer JK Rowling has spoken many times on the stigma and hardships of becoming a single parent while living on state benefits because she couldn’t afford to get back to full-time employment without state-funded childcare. She is now a billionaire author with an empire that keeps on expanding. 

Angela Benton

Founder and CEO of startup accelerator NewMe, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Angela Benton had her first child at 16 and she is a great symbol of the new generation of women working in tech. Her business is now one of the world’s largest network of women and minority entrepreneurs and growing strong. 

Nusha Pelicano

In 2010, Nusha Pelicano was looking for a way to support her family of 6 as a single mother. She’s now the owner of the Orange Leaf frozen yogurt franchise, with 5 locations in Texas and more openings soon in the US.


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