How to improve your artistic skills while having a full time job and not kill yourself doing it

How many times have we heard that someone had to stop practicing his passion because of his/her full-time job and busy life? This should never happen again. Playing sports or making arts should be mandatory in our lives; we should all have some dedicated time for our passions: our self-fulfillment depends on them.

How to improve your artistic skills while having a full time job and not kill yourself doing it1

We all know that it’s not an easy task to find some time when you have a busy life, a house to take care of, children to raise…it’s a fact: you have busy weeks! In order to keep a balance between personal life and professional life, you need to relieve stress: you can go back home from work by foot, or read a book and listen to relaxing music in the public transportation. You also need to make yourself available at least once a week for about one hour so you can have time only for yourself and do whatever makes you happy: sports, crafts, arts!

Now you probably imagine that making yourself available at least once a week is a huge challenge. Yes, it is but there are a lot of tips to gain time on a daily basis:

Organize yourself

Needless to say that ‘organization’ is the keyword to reconcile all your different lives and handle stress. At work, simply write to-do lists and separate work obligations and personal matters. Knowing what you need to do and when will make you less stressed and more productive. You’ll see, you’ll have more time for leisure activities.

How to improve your artistic skills while having a full time job and not kill yourself doing it2


Communicate with your boss

Communication is one of the pillars of any healthy relationship. So if one day, you need to leave work earlier for an acting rehearsal, talk to your boss and suggest solutions. Explain that you are going to organize yourself and work like mad to finish the current project on time but in addition to this, don’t hesitate to explain to him as well why it’s important for you not to miss your acting class.

Gain some time

People have the tendency to think that they are good at organizing their time. Well, we are sure that they have forgotten a few extra tips:

  • At home, make it simpler: only iron the clothes that need to be ironed for example, cook basic dinners during the week, use timer with the coffee maker for instance so you can have your coffee ready when you are getting up…
  • After work: buy everything you need for the house on the way back from work.
  • During a break at work: take a few minutes to do your shopping online (food, house products, fashion…), you will save a big amount of time!

Internet helps you save time by making your life easier in terms of house and administrative tasks, but it’s also a powerful tool when it comes to learning. Indeed, trough specialized blogs or simply YouTube videos, you can learn how to play a specific song on thepiano, how to sing your favorite song, how to warm-up before a show. Improve your singing skills for example is now real child’s play!

What if you could take online singing lessons ? Yup, this kind of stuff exists and it’s a great way to learn from home or during your lunch break at work if you have the possibility to find a space for yourself! The advantage of online art lessons is mainly the gain of time: no need to leave work earlier in order to avoid the traffic jam, waste time in the public transportation, spend money on a baby-sitter while you’re at your class! The only difference with a physical class is the screen that separates you from the teacher, but the lesson experience is the same!

This is definitely the amazing power of Internet: barriers have fallen and distances got shortened. You can meet amazing teachers online and you don’t need to waste hours to go to them. Just open your laptop, switch on your webcam and evenstart your acting lessons online!

With a better organization at work and in your personal life, you will have all the time you want to pursue your arty dream, or simply live your passion, through online lessons.


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