How Comfortable Bean Bag Chairs Benefit Your Health

If you grew up in the 70s, chances are that there was a bean bag chair or two in your home. These iconic lounge chairs appeared in the late 60s as a hip, economic alternative to traditional seating. Bean bag chairs were a hit with the younger “flower children” generation, because they were cozy and often came in psychedelic colors and designs.

Bean bag chairs never lost their popularity. They are light and easy to rearrange anywhere in the house. Since they are so durable, these comfortable chairs are often the first choice for kids’ rooms or in college dorms. But did you know that bean bag chairs can benefit your health?


Easing Pain In Joints and Muscles

When you sit in a bean bag chair, your whole body seems to melt into it. Traditional chairs and sofas only support a portion of your body, while bean bag chairs offer support from head to toe. If you have back or neck pain, sitting in one may soothe your aches. Many people who have back surgery follow their doctor’s recommendation and relax in giant bean bag chairs. They help to ease the pain in a way that other furniture cannot do.

Soothing Tension Headaches

When you are stressed or have poor posture, the strain on your neck and shoulder muscles may cause a tension headache. Most sofas do not provide a lot of support for these areas, so sitting or lying on them can make the pain worse. Bean bag chairs cradle your neck, shoulders, and head, allowing the muscles to relax and drain the tension. This support can alleviate a headache and help you feel better.

Mom’s Best Friend

Women who are pregnant often complain of sore backs and aching bodies due to their condition. If you are a woman who has ever been pregnant, you know how uncomfortable regular couches and chairs can be. Lying in a giant bean bag chair distributes pregnancy weight evenly and gives your body a chance to rest and recover. These chairs are also ideal for mothers who are nursing. Both mom and baby are gently supported on all sides.

Comforting Children With Autism

Autism specialists often recommend that parents provide bean bag chairs for children on the autism spectrum. The full-body support can be comforting to them and can soothe them when they feel anxious. The chairs can be quickly moved anywhere that is convenient. Bean bag chairs are also beneficial if the children must perform therapeutic exercises.

Give any space in your home a fabulous retro look with comfortable bean bag chairs–the bigger, the better. They are affordable and come in a variety of colors and styles. While you are lounging in bliss, you can take advantage of their health benefits.


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