Holiday Safety With The Kids

 The news lately is filled with child abduction cases, and it’s putting fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Luckily, the chances of your child getting abducted whilst on holiday are incredibly low – that’s why when it does happen these stories make such big news, because it’s such a rare case. However, it’s still important to maintain a few safety rules whilst you’re away, as you’re always better safe than sorry.


Obviously it’s not feasible or fair to your child if you are overprotective; kids are robust and actually display a lot of common sense in dangerous situations thanks to what they are taught in school and charity safety campaigns. Here are a few great tips for keeping your children safe when away, but in a way that still allows them to enjoy their holiday:


  • Faith in Families Childen’s Charity and Adoption Agency says “It’s a good idea to make friends with another family that you trust whilst away. Your kids can play together and look out for one another, plus you can take it in turns to go out whilst the other couple babysits – it’ll give you a chance to have a bit of time to yourselves without having to leave your children alone.”
  • Security company Custodian Guards know a thing or two about break ins, so we asked them to give their opinion on the matter; “Try to request a second floor room or higher, break ins are much more common on the ground floor where criminals can get easy access.” Childcare experts recommend that it’s ok to leave your children alone for short periods of time if the room is in sight and they are asleep, just ensure you’re in a high room for extra security.
  •  When out in a foreign place with kids they won’t know what to do if they get separated from you. Luckily there are a lot of friendly locals and vigilant authorities out there, so try buying a bracelet for your child with the hotel number or address on it, just in case. They can then simply show it to anyone for help if the worst happens.
  • Kids can easily get bored and wander off when at the pool or if you leave them to their own devices in the hotel room; make sure you plan lots of activities such as kids clubs, beach sports, colouring, reading and more so your kids are always entertained.


And of course, always keep your kids in sight, if you choose to take them on holiday, recognise they’re going to take up a lot of your time, and you’re sure to have a memorable family holiday.


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