Family Travel Ideas in Asia

Although China and India once produced more than 50 percent of the exported goods in the world and they are still very prominent in manufacturing, it has only been recently that people have started to look at taking their families abroad to Asia for vacations. What most families find is that the trip is safe, educational, and entertaining.

Best travel destinations

The largest reason is after three or four decades of Asian countries’ economies growing rapidly, many of their citizens have an active vacation schedule, which has helped their tourism sectors to grow along with their economies. Here are some of the more popular places in Asia to take a family vacation:

Hong Kong: Although it reverted to Chinese rule in the 1990’s, Hong Kong remains easy for English speakers to navigate. Its fabled restaurants offer almost any type of food that one would care to try and Jackie Chan fans will recognize many parts of the city from prior films. Located on a beautiful bay, sailing is a great day trip as is shopping in the city- and in Hong Kong’s sister city just North of it. Victoria Island, with its tourist attractions is right across the harbor and can be reached within minutes from the mainland. Hotels in the main tourist area are usually a little more expensive than they are in other areas, but the transportation system is excellent and staying several minutes away can put most lodging in budget range for price-conscious travelers. 

Singapore: The old Singapore is typified by the venerable Raffles hotel, a colonial piece of architecture that has hosted some of the most famous dignitaries and authors over the last 150 years. The Singapore sling was developed there and a visit for tea is recommended. Modern Singapore boasts a wide range of family activities including a world famous zoo and several markets where you will find goods that you may have never seen before. Day trips to Malaysia across the strait are quick and offer even more beaches for you to enjoy. Hotels downtown are normally very busy. The best way to find a place to stay that meets your budget or has the amenities that you want is to visit a Singapore travel site like Hipmunk and search for Singapore hotels. The transportation system is good and you will not likely need to rent a car, although you should ensure that you line up properly for the taxis as Singapore is fairly famous for regulating almost every public behavior in order to keep the city safe and clean.

Seoul: Nowhere has there been a greater change in terms of modernization than there has been in Seoul over the last 50 years. Korea has gone from playing technology catch-up to leading the world in several categories and it shows in the entertainment options and the goods that are for sale there. Of course, there is much more to a vacation than technology and Seoul also offers attractions like Lotteworld, a popular amusement park, and numerous parks, museums, and art galleries. Korean dining is also a great experience. In some restaurants, family-style orders continue to be refilled until you insist that you no longer want anymore. Although there are restaurants in every price category, several inexpensive restaurants provide better food than their price would indicate. Finding an inexpensive hotel while you are there is not that easy, so plan ahead online.

Taking a family vacation in Asia is a trip that your family will not forget. The cities are safe, the food, music, and culture appeals to most travelers, and the chances are strong that first-hand exposure to Asian countries will help your children as they chart their future.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.


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