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Planning a Child Friendly Vacation

There are many more options to consider when planning a child friendly family vacation than in past generations. Families are no longer limited to long car trips or destinations where relatives are willing to help keep children entertained. Today children are welcomed everywhere from luxury resorts to national park campsites. The only real limits are your imagination and sense of adventure. Resort Getaway A resort getaway is not always the first option parents think of when they begin planning Read more [...]

Tips for Finding Family Stories and Lost Relatives

At some point in their lives, people who have never traced their genealogy begin to wonder about the roots and branches of their family tree out of curiosity or to find a long lost relative. Sometimes they even take over the role of family historian. In any of these scenarios, you must find and familiarize yourself with existing research, if applicable, and then investigate further. That said, the first part may not be possible if any of the following applies to your situation: - You have no Read more [...]