There is More to Baby Care Than Food and Diapers

Taking care of a newborn or infant isn’t that hard, right? Changing their diapers and feeding them should be enough! While many articles will dive into healthful diets and the right diapers for your little one; happy and healthy babies require a bit more than we may realize. Today we are looking at all the different ways to contribute to the health and happiness of your small child. Sleep Is Important Have you heard the phrase, “if Mom isn’t happy then no one is”? Well in Read more [...]

5 Ways to Soothe Your Baby’s Skin Rash

As the parent of a newborn baby, you know that you need to take special care of her sensitive skin. If she develops a rash, you want to be able to alleviate her discomfort as quickly as possible. You also want to be certain that the measures you take aren’t going to do more harm than good. It’s important to consult your baby’s pediatrician at the first sign of an outbreak. There could be many potential causes of a rash, and her doctor can rule out anything serious. Babies have sensitive Read more [...]

Protect Your Child’s IPhone 6 With A Protective Case

Is Your Child Ready For An IPhone? You’ve been thinking about giving your child a phone, but it’s not just any phone but an iPhone 6. You know the phone is costly, even if you’re making payments on the phone each month and have it on a family plan. At what age is it appropriate to give your child an iPhone? It’s completely up to you and your family to decide if your child is ready for an iPhone, but many may think that age 10 or older might be appropriate. Many parents choose to give their children Read more [...]

How Security Systems Protect Young Children

When people think of security systems, they generally envision protection against burglaries, fires and carbon monoxide leaks in their homes. These utilities are very important functions of home security systems, but they also serve another significant purpose: They help to keep small children safe. Alert to Crimes Researching ADT prices will show parents that they can have a comprehensive security system in their home. In the event that an issue occurs, an alarm will alert them to the problem. Read more [...]

How Using Cell Phones Before Bed Affect Sleep Quality

In today’s era of smart phones, it is easier than ever to check up on work communication or social messages right before nodding off to sleep. Unfortunately, this practice can affect how quickly you nod off as well as the quality of sleep you are getting. When you look at a screen prior to going to bed, you are allowing your brain to see ambient light, which gives it the signal that it is not ready to go to sleep. Whether you are checking emails, playing a game, or reading an online book, Read more [...]

Mum entrepreneurs: get down to business now!

For young mothers wanting to get back to work after pregnancy, it can be hard getting used to the daily grind once again. Managing the house and parenting is hard enough without the added workload of a full-time job. This is all changing though: there is a new trend of ambitious young mums returning to work and becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, mothers make great entrepreneurs as a lot of the same much needed parenting skills can be applied when starting a new business. A study by Kauffman Foundation Read more [...]

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Los Angeles Maternity Photos

More and more people are looking into having maternity photographs taken. Indeed, it seems to be the latest fashion under expectant couples these days. This makes sense, when you think about it. After all, nine months are very short and most people only go through those nine months a few times during their lives. Because this time period is also so incredibly special, as it shows the creation of new life, it stands to reason that people would like to find a way to eternalize it. That is exactly what Read more [...]
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Top Five Places to go Wakeboarding with the Family

So, you’ve decided to try out wakeboarding. It’s an exciting outing you can do with the kids! Once you’ve gotten your boat (ideally one equipped with an audio system), your wakeboard, and your swim trunks all ready to go, the only thing left to do is decide where to make your inaugural wakeboarding debut. Picking the ideal place to go wakeboarding depends on several factors such as weather, travel distance, and the type of water you’ll be boarding on (salt or fresh). You’ll also want to Read more [...]

Holiday Safety With The Kids

 The news lately is filled with child abduction cases, and it’s putting fear into the hearts of parents everywhere. Luckily, the chances of your child getting abducted whilst on holiday are incredibly low – that’s why when it does happen these stories make such big news, because it’s such a rare case. However, it’s still important to maintain a few safety rules whilst you’re away, as you’re always better safe than sorry.   Obviously it’s not feasible or fair to your child Read more [...]

To Discipline or Not to Discipline: That is the Question

You’ve read it in parenting magazines or books, you’ve heard it on talk shows, your friends have discussed the topic on the field of your kids’ soccer games and you’re no stranger to fretting over this hot-topic behavior yourself…disciplining children. It seems that discipline has individuals worrying over their quality as a parent based on their method and the frequency of their need to discipline their children. The number of times you have to discipline your child is no measure of how Read more [...]