Car Organization Hacks

Many people practically live in their cars. Not for any lack of a more comfortable place to be, but just because of busy schedules, long commutes and extracurricular activities that keep people on the road and in their cars. When you spend that much time in a confined space, it’s possible that it can get pretty messy pretty quickly. To keep your car mess from getting out of control, consider any of these car organization hacks that will make your car’s interior a serene place to spend your time.


Car organizers come in many shapes and sizes. Some are made to fit the cargo space of your vehicle with many smaller compartments for the ultimate in organized stuff. You can also buy organizers to hang from the back of your front seats for easy access by those riding in the back seat. You might also consider adding a couple of double-drawer plastic drawers in your cargo area to keep everything neat and tidy. If you often drive with children that require near-constant entertainment, consider fastening shower caddies that have suction cups to the rear windows. Fill the small caddies with items they would find entertaining like small toys, crayons or even snacks.


Another way to keep your car organized and clean is to always be prepared for a mess. Consider stuffing an empty kleenex box with used plastic shopping bags for trash. You might also want to buy a trash can that that’s the perfect size for your car. They make car trash cans that can be affixed to the back of your front seats. You can also buy a small, cheap bathroom trash can and set it on the floor of the back seat for easy access from the front. Keep the cup holders in your car free from crumbs and sticky spills by lining them with muffin cups. The paper variety would work for crumbs but wouldn’t be very effective for spills. Consider instead a silicone or aluminum cup version.


Prepacked survival kits go a long way in keeping your car rides tolerable and car interior organized. Pack your kit with whatever you often use while in your car. Make sure all of your passengers know that if they use anything from the kit, the items must be returned directly to the kit after use. Learn more about survival kits including items that should be included in case of emergency at










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