Best Family Cars for 2017

Got a large family? Are you always shuttling the kids around to school or soccer practice? Maybe you have a new baby on the way? Or, even if you just have a small, three-person household, perhaps the cost of living has you considering a more economical vehicle. Or are you looking at the top 20 RVs and campers for summer 2017?

family car

Well, to help you make the right choice for you and your loved ones, following are the best family cars for 2017 and beyond.

Chrysler Pacifica

This minivan can help your family both save money and get around town in comfort. The Pacifica Hybrid comes with both electric battery and fuel engine capabilities. You can get an impressive 84-miles per gallon of extended driving range when employing both electric and gasoline options. This number is very hard to beat.

The Pacifica is large enough to seat up to seven passengers. This abundant interior space comes in handy for large families or those parents who have taken a defensive driving course for an insurance discount, or who need to drive kids to their extracurricular activities on a regular basis.

Do be forewarned that the price of the Pacifica Hybrid can be run around $20,000, more than the standard model. However, you can recoup this money by gas savings in most cases.

Ford Fiesta

If you are a young couple just starting out or one that is expecting their first child, you probably need to watch every penny. No worries. Ford has made a conscious effort to give family consumers an inexpensive, yet reliable vehicle. The Ford Fiesta has a sticker price barely over $10,000. That is what cars cost decades ago.

Though compact, the Fiesta seats up to five people, which is more than enough space for a small to midsize family. You also get up to 35-miles per gallon on the highway.

Of course, your Fiesta may cost a little more than the base price because you will want to get the SYNC 3 onboard communications system with its Android compatibility. Your family will love being able to access Google applications while on the road.

Toyota Highlander

If you really need lots of interior space and are not overly concerned about saving on gasoline, then by all means consider the Highlander. This SUV will probably garner you a few angry stares from the environmental activists in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, you can always rest assured that one day they will ask you to take their kids along to school or soccer practice. After all, the Highlander seats eight people and can fit more if needed.

This SUV gets only 24-miles per gallon maximum, which means you will be visiting the gas pump on a regular basis. Yet, the Highlander is a well-built vehicle both for daily commutes and longer journeys, especially family road trips. Everybody can plug a listening device into one of the five USB ports and enjoy their personal playlist.

Perhaps best of all, the Highlander has a five-star National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rating. This reassurance that your family will be as safe as possible in a collision is, of course, priceless.

Time to Make a Selection

Now that you know the top family cars, it is time to make your selection. Think hard about your particular needs. If saving money is the top priority, then look at the Pacifica Hybrid or Ford Fiesta. On the other hand, if are you concerned about passenger safety, the Highlander is perfect for you.

Regardless of how you decide, all three of these family rides are good choices.


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