4 Performing Arts Degrees You Didn’t Know Existed

Performing arts are vital to every student.  They help give students a well-rounded education and hone lifelong skills.


However, for some reason, many people seem to think that the performing arts are not necessary and that there are no viable degrees or careers in the arts.


In fact, it seems that only performing arts boarding schools realize the importance of art education and continue to offer courses related to a variety of different arts subjects.


Today we are going to set the record straight by showing you that there are some unique performing arts degrees available that can turn into successful careers for your child.


1. Music Direction

If your child loves music, getting a degree in music direction may be just what they need.


As a music director, you are the person that leads musical groups in recording sessions or at live concerts.  Conduct an orchestra on Broadway, tour the world with a music troupe, or even get involved in your local theater.


Not to mention, you get to arrange the music and composition that is performed.


Some music directors can get their Bachelor’s degrees in music theory and conducting, or music composition.  However, two unique colleges in the United States, Penn State and the University of California, Irvine actually offer specific degrees in music direction.


2. Theater Arts Management

A few colleges offer an undergraduate degree in theater arts management.  And, if you are feeling really ambitious, you might consider enrolling in the master’s programs at Yale University or NYU.


Taking on an administrative position in the performing arts world, someone with a degree in theater arts management either starts their own theater company or runs a theater owned by someone else as the company manager either.


You job duties include things such as marketing, fundraising, and operating the theater’s production budgets.  In addition, you oversee the training and salaries of employees and ensure that theaters are safe for performers (especially if on tour).


3. Sound Design

What used to be an on-the-job skill learned while doing something else in the music industry, sound design has come far and has even become a degree that a few colleges offer students wanting to get into sound design right from the start.


Learn about live music and recorded studio sessions, while developing a skillset that will allow you to work in theaters, at concerts, and even on movie sets and TV shows as the “sound guy.”


Not sure which universities offer this unique degree?


We’ve got you covered:



You can get either a certificate, bachelor’s degree, or even in some cases a master’s degree in sound design and start your music career off doing what you love.


4. Circus Arts

If you have ever been to any of the amazing Cirque de Soleil shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, you know it takes a special, and ultra-creative, kind of person to want to work in the circus arts.


However, as the world’s leading college offering this as an actual degree, Australia’s National Institute of Circus Arts will help you define your special act and get you into some of the best productions in the world.


As you can see, there is something out there for everyone.  And the truth is, these are highly rewarding career options that bring average people joy to their everyday lives.


So, if your child is interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts, guide them with information such as this so they know what’s available to them.



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